Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild


I love to plan new projects. Selecting colors, weave structures, making changes to existing patterns---I love it all. Sometimes, challenges present themselves, and I spend a lot of time solving these challenges. This year, the yarn exchange for the Off the Shelf project presented a real challenge for me. I opened my bag, and found this small yarn with long “eyelashes.” My first thought was to pretend I never received the yarn! Then, I started to ponder on what I could do.

My first plan was to modify the Christmas table runner pattern Tracy Kaestner has in The Best of Weaver’s Thick and Thin. This eyelash stuff could be the thin tabby weft. Unfortunately, my 8-shaft loom had a project on it, and the yarn to complete it was on backorder. So, I started looking for a 4-shaft overshot pattern that would give a similar snowflake/poinsettia look. I found the Mary Ann Ostrander Pattern in A Hand-weaver’s Pattern Book. Weaving with the eyelash had its own peculiar problems, as I worked to make the eyelashes come out of the fabric. All in all, I felt success (and relief) when the project was completed.

So, what challenges are you going to face this year in your work with fiber? Perhaps explore a new technique, take a workshop, or tackle that project you have been putting off. I have some red eyelash yarn you can use!

Happy Weaving and Spinning!